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Milky Mama Meditation

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Did you know that meditation can help improve your milk output?

A study performed by Douglas Keith and his colleagues has shown that the moms of hospitalized babies who listened to guided relaxation or soothing music while pumping had an increased pumping output. When mom listened to a recording that included both music and guided relaxation while pumping, in addition to looking at photos of her baby,  pumping output was increased even more. In this study, the interventions led to moms producing 2-3 times their normal pumping output. Milk fat content also increased for these moms in the early days of the study.

We've created a soothing, empowering, and relaxing collection of meditations to listen to while you are pump, nursing, or having a bad day. These meditations are full of wonderful words of affirmation to help calm you and focus your mind. 


Note: Iphone users will need to download via Itunes on their PC or save the file to a Dropbox.