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We are committed to supporting and empowering parents throughout the parenting journey - from pregnancy and beyond!

Lactation Services

Get Breastfeeding help from our team of Lactation Consultants. We can assist with:

      • Flange Sizing
      • Latching Issues
      • Back To Work Planning
      • Pumping Help
      • And any other breastfeeding/pumping related issues

We also offer a free Breastfeeding Support Group (held at our Rancho Cucamonga, California location), Breastfeeding Classes, and more!

Whether you are local to our Southern California location or across the world, we can assist you! Check out all of our lactation services today!

Moms At Work

Our Moms At Work Program assists corporations with supporting their breastfeeding employees in the workplace. We provide hospital grade breast pump rentals, virtual lactation consultations & breastfeeding classes, breastfeeding support boxes, portable lactation rooms, and more!