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Welcome Bundle

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Don’t know which of our amazing products to start with? The Milky Mama Welcome Bundle is an exceptional collection of our fan-favorite products! Created by a Registered Nurse, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), and breastfeeding mama of three, this bundle is the result of expert knowledge, real-world breastfeeding experience, and a passionate dedication to helping mamas like you. With over 200,000 moms worldwide already supported in their breastfeeding journey, this bundle is set to take your milk supply to new heights!

 The Milky Mama Welcome Bundle includes:

 1. Mini Milky Sampler Pack: Begin your Milky Mama adventure with our Mini Milky Sampler Pack! It offers a delightful range of our popular lactation treats, such as cookies, brownies, and more. Each delicious bite is packed with galactagogues designed to enhance your milk supply while delighting your taste buds.

 3. Herbal Supplement (One of Your Choice): Personalize your bundle with a herbal supplement of your choice. Each herbal supplement is composed of high-quality, all-natural ingredients geared towards optimizing your milk production.

4. Milky Mama Milk Collector: Never waste a drop of precious milk with our easy-to-use Milky Mama Milk Collector. This nifty tool comfortably fits onto your nursing breast to collect let-down milk during feeds, ensuring every ounce of your liquid gold is saved.

As you embark on your incredible breastfeeding journey, the Milky Mama Welcome Bundle is here to ensure it's an empowering and successful one. With a stellar track record of enhancing milk supply for countless mothers, Milky Mama is more than just a collection of products; it's a community, a support system, and a testament to the power of motherhood. Welcome to the Milky Mama family – where we turn breastfeeding challenges into victories! 

*May contain traces of nuts