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Empowering Moms: The Milky Mama Story

Empowering Moms: The Milky Mama Story

Breastfeeding is a wonderful and beautiful journey, but it can also be tough and challenging. For many mom, maintaining a healthy milk supply can be a real struggle and cause of stress. That’s where Milky Mama comes in. We wanted to reintroduce ourselves and we want to say thank you for being here and remind you of our promise.

The Milky Mama Story

Founded by Krystal Nicole Duhaney, a Registered Nurse, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, and mother of three, Milky Mama has been a lifeline for countless mothers looking to boost their milk supply and find a supportive community to help get through the ups and downs of breastfeeding.

Krystal found herself struggling with her milk supply while breastfeeding her second child. She quickly learned there were limited resources available to support breastfeeding mothers facing the same predicament. Determined to find a solution, Krystal combined her passion for baking and her background as a Registered Nurse and created a special milk-making cookie recipe. These lactation cookies not only satisfied her sweet tooth, but also significantly boosted her milk supply.

Krystal knew she could not keep her discovery to herself. In November of 2015, Milky Mama was born, with the mission to provide a range of delicious and effective lactation products and to help mothers struggling with their milk supply. Whether that be with lactation products or by providing support as a lactation consultant, Milky Mama is here for breastfeeding mothers everywhere.

Milky Mama Products

Since 2015, Milky Mama has expanded its product line and now offers a variety of treats and beverages to support breastfeeding mothers.

  1. Lactation Cookies: A delicious treat packed with ingredients known to enhance milk production.
  2. Brownies: Krystal’s personal favorite, these chocolatey delights are not only indulgent but also lactation-boosting.
  3. Emergency Brownies: For those moments when you need a quick boost of energy and milk supply support.
  4. Tropical Iced Tea and LeMOOnade: Refreshing beverages to keep you hydrated while promoting lactation.
  5. Lactation Smoothie Mix: A convenient way to incorporate milk-boosting ingredients into your daily routine.
  6. Herbal Supplements: A range of supplements that can help further enhance milk production.

Lactation Consultants

At Milky Mama, we understand that all breastfeeding journeys are unique. We offer comprehensive lactation consultations to address a wide range of breastfeeding needs and challenges. Our experienced lactation consultants provide personalized guidance and support to help you overcome difficulties and establish a successful breastfeeding relationship with your baby.

Our Milky Mama Lactation Consultations can help you with latching, low milk supply, strategies and tips for returning to work, bottle feeding, tongue and/or lip tie, pumping, flange sizing, and other breastfeeding difficulties (like sore nipples, engorgement, or mastitis). 

Milky Mama accepts PPO insurance to cover up to six lactation consultations. 

Our goal at Milky Mama is to provide hope and support for mothers looking to enhance their milk supply and connect with a supportive community of mothers helping each other. Whether you are a first time mother or a seasoned pro, our Milky Mama products and supportive community are here for you. Always remember, you’ve got this, Mama!

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