Moms At Work

About Our Program

Milk Mama is a leading lactation support company that has helped over 100,000 breastfeeding parents have successful breastfeeding journeys. The Moms At Work Program partners with companies, large and small, to help provide a breastfeeding-friendly workplace for their employees. We believe that supporting breastfeeding parents in the workplace is another tool that employers can use to demonstrate their commitment to employee satisfaction.

  • Breast Pump Rentals

    Breast Pump Rentals

    Our hospital-grade breast pumps are more effective than consumer-grade breast pumps which leads to decreased duration of pumping sessions while efficiently expressing milk to help maintain milk production.

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  • Monthly Breastfeeding Box

    Monthly Breastfeeding Box

    Make pumping easier for your employees with our monthly breastfeeding box. This box includes pumping supplies, hygiene supplies, snacks, informational material, and more.

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  • Virtual Lactation Support

    Virtual Lactation Support

    Support and educate your staff with our Virtual Lactation Consultants, Online Breastfeeding Classes, Monthly Q&A Webinars, & more.

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  • Lactation Room Consultations

    Lactation Room Consultations

    Provide a comfortable space for your employees to express milk. Don't have a space? We offer portable pumping rooms that are quick and easy to install!

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Are you a pumping Mama that needs support in the workplace? Click below to learn how we can help you!