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Lady Leche
Lissy C
The best

Lady leche tastes delicious. I mix it with juice and mostly anything I drink. I love this supplement and it has worked so far. I absolutely recommend it.


One of the best oatmeal cookies I've ever had. Tastes very homemade and I can say it definitely made a difference in my milk production.

Bestseller Bundle
Eden Ramos

I purchased the best seller bundle to be able to taste a variety of what Milky Mama has to offer. The drinks taste sooo good it's almost a shame that it's recommended to drink once or twice a day. The brownies are delicious too but haven't tried the emergency ones yet (those are frozen and waiting for my return to work). We can't forget about the oatmeal cookies! I need to buy those in bulk after 2 days I noticed a significant change in my supply and I haven't even gotten to try the supplements yet! I fill up faster and it's has increased my total output by 2oz each breast!

These work!

Ive used both these brownies and the regular lactation brownies and they both work! I gave these emergency brownies 4/5 stars only because I think the taste is kind of intense compared to the regular lactation brownies. I do notice my supply drops when I run out. When Im eating the brownies, I pump 7-9 oz versus when I run out, I pump 5-7 oz. I have a big baby so every ounce counts! I just wish milky mamas shipping was faster. From the time I place my order to receiving, its almost 2 weeks before I get my order. That and their subscription button not working are my only complaints.

Emergency Brownies
Hillary Stoney
More milk

My goal is to exclusively breast feed/ pump but my start after birth didnt set me up for success. My baby was getting half milk half formula each day. After using the emergency brownies for just a week she was down to having just a few ounces of formula a day! I loved these results and looking forward to continuing!


I love the emergency brownies. Stop eating them because I went dairy free. Then came to look at the ingredients and found out they are dairy free. Life savor! Thank you!

Emergency Brownies
kristina diaz

there good and they work for me. buyingmore!

Pumping Queen
Carrie I
Easy and tastes great!

Using this with lady leche and brownies as needed and doubled my supply. Love the taste and easy to use.

Delicious & Helpful

Delivered quickly, taste great, and have doubled my supply!

Love it!

Delivered quickly, treats are delicious, drinks are good and the supplement even tastes good well! Seeing a double in supply and very happy with these results!

Lady Leche
Carrie I
One of my faves

Easy to use, tastes great, used with pumping queen and emergency brownies when needed and have doubled my supply. Super happy and would buy again!

Emergency Brownies
Josimeire Oliveira
The product is excellent, it's miraculous

The product is excellent, it works, it gives me a lot of milk, I already want to buy it but it's miraculous

Lady Leche
Analicia Cano
Love it

I was taking this and the emergency brownies. And I saw a different I just re ordered Im glad I found this product

Amazing cookie

The Salted Caramel cookie was great overall. Has a nice taste where its sweet but not overly sweet. I believe with staying hydrated and eating 2 of these cookies a day definitely helped increase my supply. Would recommend for those who are needing a little boost in their supply.

Lactation Brownies
Maria Rivera
Delicious and it works

I have great milk production but I Wanted more milk so I could pump and omg it worked great def have way more milk and i definitely recommend they are also very tasty

Doubled my supply over night!

I didn't realize how much these helped my supply until I stopped eating them and then last night I was desperate to increase my supply after a severe dip in the past week or two so I ate my last one and this morning was the first time I woke up engorged in weeks. Yesterday morning I pumped a total of 4 oz and this morning I've already doubled that and am still pumping.


Im not a sweets person at all but these brownies are soooooo good. Do they help with milk supply? I feel like they do. I havent pumped because I couldnt find one that worked for me. So I cant really compare. But I finally found a pump and I produced a good 5-6oz from one of my breast.


This is by far the best tasting of all the cookies. My supply went up a little but overall a great snack.

Emergency Brownies
Kiellien Henderson
Wow, wow, WOW!

These brownies were my last hope. As a mom of a premie, I was a low producer. I had tried the cookies, body armor, extra water, lactation tea. None of that worked for me and didnt show any difference. I can say honestly since I started eating these my milk supply has doubled and I barely have to use formula to supplement! Which was my goal! It took about 3 days for the milk to really come in but I am no longer stressed out at home or worried that working will decrease my supply. Seriously if you need help with your supply, give these a try!


Take dairy dutchess and pumping queen and my supply has increased some. Allergic to blessed and milk thistle glad these don't have it.

Dairy Duchess
Shamekia Jackson
It helped!

Helped my let down and thickened my milk.


Take dairy dutchess and pumping queen and my supply has increased some. Allergic to blessed and milk thistle glad these don't have it.

Dairy Duchess
Brittany Lang

Ok, so breastfeeding was annoying me and also stressing me out because it would be such hit or miss when I was producing anything. Enter Milky Mama and BAM! Dairy Duchess mixed with the emergency brownies (which are incredible by the way. I'm eating one now as I type this) I am able to pump and not have to worry about not having enough milk. These products have single-handedly made pumping successful for me! I'm on my last brownie, so I'll be purchasing more and I'm on my second vial of the Dairy Duchess. PLEASE PLEASE do yourself a favor and try these products if you are feeling like you aren't producing enough for your babes. <3


Ive been taking the regular lactation brownies and the lemoonade daily and Ive seen a significant increase in my milk production. Im pumping around 3 to 4 ounces each boob when I was normally getting 1-1/2 to 2 ounces each before. And on top of it the brownies are a nice sweet treat to enjoy! I ended up going for the subscription for the brownies and I dont regret it! Thank you Milky Mama!

Emergency Brownies
Brittany Lang
Purchasing another box now!

These are so delicious and have boosted my milk supply so much. I'm eating my last one as I type this, and ordering another box right now :) Thank you so much for creating such tasty treats for mommas!