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Brittany Palacios - Milky Mama Of The Month

We can’t wait to share the story of Brittany Palacios as our newest Milky Mama of the Month feature! She is a mother of two and has been exclusively pumping for 6 months!! Keep reading to find out how Brittany decided to exclusively pump, and what she has to say for advice!


Brittany Palacios - Milky Mama of the Month


Brittany Palacios is a mother of two and has been exclusively pumping for 6 months. Brittany struggled to get her son to latch, but she was still determined to provide breastmilk for her son. Brittany told us she “never got used to latched breastfeeding, as my little guy was not good at it. So I switched to exclusively pumping.” She said she is finally feeling comfortable with her process now at 6 months postpartum.


Brittany Learns from Previous Experience

Brittany was not able to breastfeed her oldest daughter. She reflects that she had trouble 6 years ago getting her daughter to latch, stating “I was too young and uninformed about correct breastfeeding and pumping to have a supply for her and I dried up quickly”. Learning from her previous experience, when she had trouble with her son latching, breaking latch, and getting so upset he wouldn’t latch again, she decided to exclusively pump and “accept that it wasn’t working out for us, but that I could still give him milk”. Brittany adds that her decision to stop fighting her difficulties latching and to accept her decision to exclusively pump “was difficult but also felt like a blessing”. We are so glad that you’ve shared this part of your journey, because we agree that learning from others and being informed about breastfeeding can help all mothers and their journey with breastfeeding!

While Brittany is happy with her decision to exclusively pump, she notes it’s not easy. She struggles with tough nipples that sometimes bruise and small clogs. She can always get the clogs out with a warming massage. She is tough and deals with the uncomfortableness. To avoid bruising, check your flange size. If you need help deciding if your flange size is correct, you can schedule a visit with one of our consultants here.


From Supplmenting to Donating

Brittany’s son was in the NICU after he was born. She was able to pump colostrum in the hospital, but they also needed to supplement with formula. While she built up her supply, she continued to supplement with formula. Brittany remembers how hard it was for him to latch and the frustration they both felt. She says, “Although I wanted so hard to not have to give formula, I was blessed that he could tolerate it and enjoyed it. I hear stories of littles who cannot, and especially with the formula shortage. But, at the same time, I knew fed was best and it would all work out. And it has!”. She supplemented about 50%, but after staying consistent and determined, she has built her supply up and is now donating her milk. She has been able to donate milk for the past two months out of six! That’s AMAZING! Way to go, Mama!


Back to Work

Brittany took 9 weeks off, one week before having her son and 8 weeks post partum. She is a manager of a busy hospital kitchen. When she isn’t needed as a manager, she is busy filling positions they are short it, “which is all the time”. She has an area dedicated to nursing mothers available to her. But she also uses portable pumps and has her own office. She locks her door to attach and detach the portable pump, clean them in the bathroom and dries them in her office. She works, works, works while pumping! She adds, “I think it makes some of the men who know about it uncomfortable, but my directors and the company/hospital are supportive”. We are SO glad you have a supportive working environment and you are able to keep up with your supply while on the job.

Brittany’s Advice

We are inspired to hear about a successful exclusive pumping mom. One who kept going even after having to supplement, and is now able to donate milk to others. Brittany’s dedication to her goals for providing milk for her son have been her inspiration. She gives some words of advice for other mother’s to keep on going! Brittany said, “Don't beat yourself up. You're doing a great job and your baby appreciates and loves you for all you do. Get sleep when you can, even just 15 minute power naps. Drink water like there's no tomorrow, and a Body Armour every day!”

Thanks for sharing your breastfeeding journey with us, Brittany We love being able to share unique and empowering stories from our Milky Mama community! Thank you to all who continue to share with us. We hope you feel inspired, too and that these stories help you. We can all learn and grow from each other. To show your support to Brittany for sharing her story, visit with us in our Facebook page or on Instagram. The Official Milky mama Lactation Support Group.

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