Posted by Krystal Duhaney, RN, BSN, IBCLC Apr 1st, 2022

March Milky Mama Of The Month!

March Milky Mama Of The Month!

We are going to dive into the breastfeeding journey of mama Krysten Bischoff for our March Milky Mama of the Month!

Krysten’s Unique Experiences


Krysten is currently breastfeeding her second child. She has been breastfeeding for a little bit over a year and a half now. Way to go, Krysten! This time around she is having a different experience with breastfeeding. With her first child she said it took a few months to feel comfortable breastfeeding, but adding, “although we didn’t make it past six months”. So, it is quite the accomplishment for her that she has made it past a year now with her second baby.


Krysten Preservers Through Difficulties


Krysten has experienced some difficulties in both of her unique journeys. She states she has had raw nipples with both babies due to lip and tongue ties. Tongue tie is when the tongue movement is affected by the tongue frenulum (the membrane that anchors the tongue to the floor of the mouth) being shorter and tighter. There are treatment options for tongue tie. Krysten explains, “I got them revised and fought through the pain”. Krysten is one tough mother!

Her current breastfeeding child has severe reflux and has been struggling to eat solids. She has him back to mainly nursing now. She explains that this means, “he isn’t sleeping well, but we are pushing through because it’s what he needs.” Krysten puts her child’s needs first and does what needs to be done for her baby.

Supplementing and Back To Work!


Supplementing looks different for everyone. It can come at different stages, too. Krysten experienced supplementing with formula at different stages with both of her children. Krysten states she did supplement with both of her children. For her oldest child, he was completely using formula by six months. Her second child, the baby she is currently breastfeeding, started with supplementing formula as well. Krysten says she knows there is nothing wrong with supplementing.

Going back to work can often be a challenging time for mothers who are breastfeeding. Krysten’s experience is no different. She shared with us her returning to work story, “I went to work when my son was a few months old. At first they were accommodating. However, as I worked there longer, the less accommodating they were.” It’s never easy to hear how hard it is to continue your breastfeeding journey at work. There can already be a lot of stress around returning to work and pumping. If you have questions about legality in the workplace, check out our Blog Here.


Krysten’s advice to her fellow Milky Mamas


“It's definitely not easy, and it's perfectly okay to have to supplement or pump.”


Reading about other mother’s breastfeeding experiences can help us not feel so alone. Keep checking back monthly for our Milky Mama of the month! 

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