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Milky Mama Of The Month: Niccole Faul

Milky Mama Of The Month: Niccole Faul

This month’s Milky Mama spotlight is on Niccole Faul.

“Both mother and baby have to learn how to breastfeed, and it can be challenging.”

Niccole has been breastfeeding for four months. This is her first son and she said it took her about 2 months to finally feel comfortable breastfeeding.

Niccole’s Challenges

Niccole’s son was born at 37 weeks via cesarean due to preeclampsia. She was not able to breastfeed him right away or for the first few days. She decided to start pumping because she wanted to be able to provide for him and eventually breastfeed. She was able to give him the liquid gold colostrum through a bottle! Once he was in the room with her, they had trouble latching. She tried wearing nipple shields to help, but they still had trouble.

Once they got home she still used the nipple shields to help him latch. After a few weeks they were able to take away the shields. Niccole continued to breastfeed and express milk in a bottle for her son.

However, breastfeeding was still painful and she knew something was off. She was determined to breastfeed so she and her husband called a lactation consultant to get help. After a few sessions with the lactation consultant, they realized her son had a lip and tongue tie. Niccole said, “It killed my heart to have to hold him still on my chest to get his lip and tongue loosened, but it needed to be done.” We get it, mama! You’re not alone! Her son did have to have this procedure twice.

Niccole Overcomes Challenges

Once her son’s tongue and lip tie were taken care of, Niccole said things started to get better! Niccole felt like she wasn’t making enough milk and wanted a supplement to give him more and better milk. She started using Lady Leche and Pumping Queen and is now producing around 5oz and hopes it continues to increase. She also noted that her milk looks fatter and richer too and “Keagan seems happy with the results, which is most important.” We are so happy we are able to help you and your son!

After getting her IUD, she wanted to make sure her supply didn’t drop, especially since she and her son had overcome their struggles with breastfeeding, she didn’t want to add any more stress. So, she tried Lady Leche and some Milky Mama Emergency Brownies. She said, “They helped keep my supply steady and give me richer, fatter milk. Now, I have replaced the brownies with Pumping Queen and I am still going strong!”. We are so glad you were able to try a variety of our products and that you found success and are able to continue on with your breastfeeding journey!

Niccole- Back to Work

Niccole is now back to work. She pumps while at work but nurses while at home with her baby. She has a very accommodating place of work. They have a breakroom she pumps in, she stores her milk in the fridge and leaves her pumping supplies there in her bag.

Niccole Knows - Niccole’s Advice

Niccole shares her words of advice for new mother’s and all breastfeeding mothers.

“Please don't feel discouraged or disheartened when breastfeeding doesn't go perfectly, especially at first. They say ‘breastfeeding is natural’, which it is. But, like most things that are natural such as walking and talking, it is learned. Both mother and baby have to learn how to breastfeed, and it can be challenging. Please don't be afraid to reach out to lactation consultants to help. That's what they are there for.”


Niccole, thank you so much for sharing your story with us. Please join us in our Facebook group,The Official Milky Mama Lactation Support Group to share encouragement to Niccole for sharing her story with us.

And remember, you are not alone. We are here to support each other and remind each other, you’ve got this, mama!

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