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The Milky Mama Of The Month! February's Highlight

The Milky Mama Of The Month! February's Highlight

The Milky Mama of the Month for the lovely month of February : Brehanna Kusnierek!

Brehanna has breastfed three children and gives insight on the different journeys she has taken with each of her individual babies. Keep reading to hear more on Brehanna’s unique journey and her advice.

“There is not one thing that works best for every journey.”

Brehanna is a current breastfeeding mom. She has been breastfeeding for months now and this is her third child. Brehanna recognizes that all three of her breastfeeding journeys have been unique.

With her first child it took her about a month to feel comfortable breastfeeding. Each child and journey is different, and after getting used to breastfeeding expectations, it’s sometimes easier to feel comfortable quicker.

Brehanna’s Unique Experiences

“I am learning with this child that every day I can nurse him is a blessing. Every journey with my children has been so different. It amazes me every day.”


Brehanna shares about the differences in her breastfeeding experiences with her three children.

“With my first child, I didn't produce enough everyday for him. We had to supplement with a bottle in the evening. He cluster fed A LOT. I am hypothyroid and was trying what I could to increase the supply, but didn't realize the fenugreek was working against me. I started to lose my supply after 5 months.

With my second child I produced just enough. We didn't have to supplement. I did get mastitis toward the end of our journey and I lost my supply at about 6 months.

With my third and final child, I am still going strong. I produce more than he needs and have saved enough in the freezer that if my supply does start to dwindle we have enough for him to go on for a while. I have had multiple cracked nipples and mastitis twice. Nursing and pumping through it along with antibiotics helped tremendously. He was born prematurely so every little bit I can give him helps.”

Brehanna is currently back to work. She is nursing and pumping while she works full time away from her home. She went back to work after 12 weeks of maternity leave with each of her three children. She is one of the lucky momma’s who has a very understanding boss and coworkers. She explained she works with all females that have also had multiple children and who understand the tightrope we walk to balance between work and motherhood. Her job allows her to pump as often as she needs, and even more so when she has mastitis.


Brehanna’s Advice

Brehanna stresses not to worry about having to supplement while you nurse. “Don't be afraid to supplement if you have to. It can cause more stress on your body if you are afraid that you aren't doing the best for your child by nursing alone.” The most important thing is making sure your child is growing the best way they can. If your pediatrician is not worried about their growth, you do not need to feel like you need to stress about it either. “I stressed so much with my first child thinking I wasn't enough to make him grow big. Once I saw that nursing and supplementing can be a great combination, it put my mind at ease knowing I am doing the best that I can.” So, do not be so hard on yourself, mama!

Brehanna reiterates that it is best to decide what works for you and your family. She wants you to remember that the more you stress about whatever it is you are worried about during your journey, the less enjoyable it will be for all involved. So remember, “just know that you are doing the best you can to raise your child.” And that is all anyone can ask for! Remember, you’ve got this mama!

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