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  • Bestseller Bundle
  • Bestseller Bundle

Bestseller Bundle

Bestseller Bundle

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Presenting the Milky Mama Bestseller Bundle, a game-changing collection meticulously designed to supercharge your lactation journey! This exclusive bundle, created by a Registered Nurse and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), contains a fantastic selection of our top-selling products, ensuring that every breastfeeding mama can nourish her baby confidently and effortlessly.

Here's what's inside this spectacular bundle:

1. Emergency Brownies™ (One Dozen): Picture this - a dozen decadent brownies that not only satisfy your cravings but also work wonders for your milk supply. Our Emergency Brownies™ are the ultimate treat, crafted with love and designed to give you a boost whenever you need it most. Enjoy a guilt-free indulgence that doubles as your breastfeeding secret weapon! 

2. Herbal Supplement (One Bottle of Your Choice): Customize your bundle with a potent herbal supplement designed to elevate your milk production. Select an herbal supplement from our range of carefully crafted options, each designed to address specific needs such as boosting milk supply, enhancing lactation quality, or promoting overall wellness.  

3. Mini Milky Sampler Pack: Treat yourself to a delightful taste of Milky Mama's finest offerings with our Mini Milky Sampler Pack! Discover an exciting variety of flavors and textures, featuring our customer-favorite lactation products, such as cookies, brownies, and drink mixes. Sample them all and find your new favorite way to boost your milk supply!

Elevate your breastfeeding experience with the Milky Mama Bestseller Bundle – the ultimate ally for nurturing and nourishing your precious little one. Order now and embark on a delightful lactation adventure filled with taste, convenience, and confidence!

*May contain traces of nuts 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Eden Ramos

I purchased the best seller bundle to be able to taste a variety of what Milky Mama has to offer. The drinks taste sooo good it's almost a shame that it's recommended to drink once or twice a day. The brownies are delicious too but haven't tried the emergency ones yet (those are frozen and waiting for my return to work). We can't forget about the oatmeal cookies! I need to buy those in bulk after 2 days I noticed a significant change in my supply and I haven't even gotten to try the supplements yet! I fill up faster and it's has increased my total output by 2oz each breast!

Carrie I
Love it!

Delivered quickly, treats are delicious, drinks are good and the supplement even tastes good well! Seeing a double in supply and very happy with these results!

Elizabeth Lewis
Absolutely worth the price

If youre wanting to try something but not sure specifically what you want then this is the box for you! I used milky mama with my second born back in 2020 and it helped my supply so much that with my newborn I most definitely needed it! I didnt use any products with my 3rd and my supply dried up at 9 months, with my 4th I wasnt making the same mistake. I am so happy I got the bundle to try everything out again since I didnt try the lemonade before.

Loren Pierce
Great product!

I chose the lady Leche drops for my bundle. Not a huge fan of the taste, but I have gotten used to it; however, it does work. I haven't seen a huge jump in my milk production but definitely have noticed a difference. I have seen a difference in my refill time as well. The cookies and brownies...AMAZING taste! I couldn't quite do the lemoonade, wasn't a fan of the taste but I just don't care for the taste of fennel. Overall I would highly recommend this bundle!!

Rebecka North

Amazing and actually works! The only complaint is that the brownies aren't very good but I'm also just not a huge chocolate person. But they work. I was pumping maybe .5 oz if that for my morning pump and since taking the Milky Mama Lady Leche and a couple of treats a day I pump 4 oz for my morning pump! And I find I'm getting fuller quicker as well!