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Milk Goddess

Milk Goddess

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Herbal Supplement


Milk Goddess® is designed to promote healthy lactation, increase milk production, and enrich breast milk with a special blend of organic herbs. Torbangun is a traditional Indonesian herb that helps increase milk production by up to 65% in lactating women; Moringa Leaf is a nutritional powerhouse that can help increase milk production and enrich milk; and Blessed Thistle is a powerful, hormone-balancing herb used to enrich milk and increase milk flow. 

Flavoring: Orange

Recommended Intake: 2 Bulb Squeezes (1.23mL) 1-2 times per day directly under your tongue or mixed in a beverage. 

What is a Bulb Squeeze? A bulb squeeze is the amount of liquid that fills the glass dropper tube with 1 squeeze. The liquid will only fill the tube a portion of the way, not fully. This portion is considered 1 bulb squeeze (0.61mL). 2 bulb squeezes will therefore yield the recommended intake of 1.23mL.

Precautions: Avoid use if pregnant. Please consult with your health care provider if you are diabetic of have hypoglycemia before use. Keep away from children.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Supplement Facts


Our Herbal Supplements come in glass vials, so kindly handle with care. Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 156 reviews
Pamela Vick
Didn't work for me

It taste like the way incense smells. It's not terrible. I appreciate these types of products so much and really hope they help some mama's. I unfortunately did not notice a difference in my milk output. I got 3oz every time I pumped and I still am getting 3oz. My 7 month old takes 6oz at each feeding. I don't know if the quality improved, it looks the same. I'm doing everything I can and I'm sad it didn't work for me.

Alanna Williams
Ive tried everything

Sadly none of these products worked for me. They taste great but I did not see any results in helping me with my milk supply.

Amanda Collins
Great product

I love this product. It helped me double what I pump. Would highly recommend it.

Cortney Cook

Pleasant taste , saw an increase in supply.

I was skeptical, but it works!

I have been using Milky Mama Emergency Brownies and the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Lactation Cookies for several months and love them, but when my son hit the three month mark, my supply dropped. It took weeks to get it back to where I could sustain his 4oz every three hours while I was back at work. Then I got sick and my supply came crashing down. I almost went through my entire freezer stash because I was only getting 2 ounces per pump, if I was lucky! I was stressing big time! It slowly started coming back, but I couldnt get over six ounces per pump session in total, and that wasnt going to keep up with my babys needs. I decided to try Milk Goddess and within two days, I am back up to 8oz per pump session, sometimes 10! My breasts refill significantly faster and I am not in panic about feeding my now four and a half month old. I am so thankful and glad I have it a try!