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Milk Mama Of The Month : Casey Muir

Milk Mama Of The Month : Casey Muir

May’s Milky Mama of the Month is first time mom Casey Muir.

Casey Muir is a first time mom who knew she always wanted to breastfeed. She has now been breastfeeding her daughter for a year.

Casey’s Beginning Journey

Despite her daughter having no problem latching, she was still overwhelmed with how stressful, tiring, and frustrating the first couple of days in the hospital were as her milk wasn’t flowing.

After her first week home, her milk flow started increasing. Casey nursed every two hours. Shortly after, Casey had sore, raw nipples, and her daughter got thrush. What helped Casey was applying nipple cream and medicine on her nipples, then giving her daughter her medicine. However, she felt like her daughter would suck off all the medicine. Casey says, “I didn’t think the thrush would ever get better and we would keep giving it back to each other.” Luckily, after two weeks “that felt like a lifetime” they were healed and back to normal, pain free nursing.


A Nursing, Pumping, Supplementing Mom!

Casey has done it all. She started out exclusively breastfeeding, then supplemented with formula, and now pumping and nursing.

Her daughter was born 6lbs and her milk flow was slow to start. Casey tried not to worry and stress too much, and decided to use formula to supplement while also nursing. Casey remembers feeling “so discouraged because she was gobbling the formula like she was starving. I thought I wasn’t enough, because she would be sucking for dear life on my book and it was just so easy to get formula and have her satisfied.” Casey kept going though! She did not quit on breast feeding.

Casey also decided to do a mixture of pumping and nursing after her daughter was 1 month. She needed more than 2 hour intervals of sleep and decided to pump to help her out. They started co-sleeping so her daughter could nurse when she needed to.

Casey’s Back To Work Story

Casey was able to stay home for her daughter’s first 7 months. She started a new job that was very accommodating and understanding. By 7 months, she was mostly pumping and only nursing at home.

After returning to work, Casey learned her daughter has a dairy allergy. She cut dairy out of her diet. However, she didn’t know she could still continue to pump regularly and nurse. So, Casey stopped nursing. After trying a ton of other formulas that her daughter despised, she started giving her daughter Enfamil Prosobee.

Casey did pump every so often when her breasts were full and painful. Casey did not give her breast milk because she thought it would upset her since she had dairy in her system. She realized her supply became very, very low. Casey said, “low when I went back to nursing. I broke down so I had to go back to supplementing but nursed her every time she got hungry because I figured it would help get my supply back up.. But no it didn’t. I was so heart broken. That’s when I turned to those delicious lactation brownies!”. We are so happy to know that we were able to help you on your journey!

Casey’s Advice

One of the best parts about sharing the Milky Mama of the Month stories is to learn from other mother’s experiences and to hear their advice. Breastfeeding is a different journey for every mother. Casey recalls the early part of her journey, “There were times we cried together”. But she goes on to explain, “It has been a beautiful, long disaster, but blessings that I could breastfeed at all.”

Casey shares her advice with all of the Milky Mama Community!

  1. Use your resources because they help!
  2. Don’t get lazy
  3. Use a Lactation Consultant
  4. Be honest about how you are feeling to your support system


Casey, thank you so much for sharing your story with us! We continued to be impressed with all of our Milky Mamas and their unique experiences they are willing to share with all of us. We hope you are inspired as well. Show your support for Casey and other Milky Mamas on our Facebook page, The Official Milky mama Lactation Support Group.

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