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  • Dairy-Free Bundle
  • Dairy-Free Bundle

Dairy-Free Bundle

Dairy-Free Bundle

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The Milky Mama Dairy-Free Bundle is an incredible assortment of delectable lactation products specially created for breastfeeding mamas who thrive on a dairy-free diet. Brought to life by a Registered Nurse, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), and a breastfeeding mama herself, this thoughtfully curated bundle is your ticket to a flourishing lactation journey without the dairy!

This extraordinary bundle includes:

1. Emergency Brownies™ (One Dozen): Dive into the rich, fudgy delight of our renowned Emergency Brownies™! Perfectly baked with dairy-free and galactagogue-rich ingredients, these brownies are designed to give your milk supply a substantial boost while satisfying your sweet tooth.

2. Herbal Supplement (One of Your Choice): Handpick a herbal supplement from our range of premium, all-natural options. Each supplement is formulated to naturally enhance your breast milk production, providing you with a safe, effective, and personalized solution to your lactation needs.

3. Lactation LeMOOnade™: Quench your thirst and boost your milk production with a refreshing glass of our Lactation LeMOOnade™. Bursting with tangy citrus flavors, this magical drink mix is formulated to replenish your body and provide the perfect blend of hydrating goodness and galactagogues. Sip on this delightful beverage and watch your milk supply soar to new heights.

4. Milky Melon™: Get ready for a flavor explosion that will transport you to summertime bliss. Our Milky Melon™ is a fusion of juicy melons and lactation-boosting ingredients designed to hydrate and nourish your body.

Crafted with love, science, and an intimate understanding of the breastfeeding journey, the Milky Mama Dairy-Free Bundle provides the perfect balance of taste, nutrition, and lactation support. Embrace the joy of breastfeeding with our carefully selected, dairy-free delights. Order now to experience the magic of dairy-free lactation enhancement, designed with the wisdom and care only a fellow breastfeeding mama can provide! 

*May contain traces of nuts  


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Love the brownies and saw the most results with those. The supplement is good too. However I could pass on the drinks and smoothie, they taste only alright and are high in sugar (as are the brownies but I saw a difference with those).

Patti Davidson

The brownies are AWESOME! I love the milky goddess drops as well! I have thyroid and another immune disorder so before these supplements my milk was thin. Now my milk is thick and a creamier color! Also, my baby is much more satisfied! When she was first born I had to supplement with formula because she was not gaining weight and was never full. Now she is always satisfied and does not need to be on a formula supplement! I am so glad I found these products! The water flavor boosters are also great! I was having a difficult time drinking the right amount of water and these really helped!
I am glad there was a dairy free option because my daughter does not tolerate when I eat dairy.

Yaqueline Rico
Not great but not bad.

Didnt really help me with my milk supply, but the products tasted good. Im more glad that theyre dairy free, and fenugreek free. Wouldnt really recommend for the intended purpose.

Helpful in a pinch

Overall I think that the brownies helped initially, but with continued use the effect seemed to taper off. So I would say do not use every day, but for example I used them while on my period which was a win-win (dairy-free chocolate craving satisfied!)

The drink mixes were refreshing and reminded me to hydrate so theyre good for work. I would dump one packet into my 40oz water bottle. So I wish you got more packets in this bundle.

The Pumping Queen tincture is easy to do twice a day while pumping at work, and let sit under the tongue for maximal absorption. It tastes pretty good and Im sure it would be even better mixed into water like suggested.

Alyssa O.
Didnt work for me

Unfortunately none of the products contributed to an increase in my milk supply. The protein powder was not great tasting and definitely needs help, but the brownies were okay. I do like that these products are some of the few on the market that dont have fenugreek, however.